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Gimpel Software - Discussion Forum
Discussion Forum
We invite you to use this forum to communicate with other PC-lint and FlexeLint users. You do not need to log in to post a message. WARNING: Your email address will not be encrypted. We recommend that you obfuscate it as protection from web crawlers. To receive technical support directly from Gimpel Software, please follow the guidelines at

Subject        Last Posting Messages
Can I find out instances in my code, where return value of a function is ignored October 31, 2014     10:46:58 AM 2
Error : Info 701: Shift left of signed quantity October 31, 2014     8:53:47 AM 3
PCLint not able to recognize uninitialized pointer access October 30, 2014     3:23:51 AM 2
Lint cannot find NULL pointer access issue October 29, 2014     8:59:42 AM 2
No Warning 574 by 'unsigned char' October 29, 2014     7:10:31 AM 1
how to setup LINT: num_put / num_get errors October 28, 2014     11:47:15 AM 3
How to turn off 960,12.8 for a specific line? October 27, 2014     10:31:00 AM 3