pc-lint and Atollic True Studio

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pc-lint and Atollic True Studio

Post by rdmeneze »


I'm using the Atollic True Studio 5.4 and I'd like to start to use the PC-Lint with it. Have someone some tips?

best regards,
Rafael Dias

Re: pc-lint and Atollic True Studio

Post by jbezem »

I do not really know Atollic True Studio, but both PC Lint Plus and its predecessor are command line tools, and every IDE has a possibility to integrate external commands. For the setup, you can follow the instructions in the manual (section 2.3, or 2.4 if your want), or you can look at my htwpl document: "How to Wield PC Lint" at https://bezem.de/pdf/htwpl.pdf, written for PC Lint, but the general instructions are still valid.

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