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A Trusted Name in Static Analysis

Gimpel Software has been the leading pioneer of static analysis software since the release of the award-winning PC-lint in 1985. Since that time, our static analysis products have been trusted by countless developers to find bugs in projects of all sizes and across virtually all industries. PC-lint Plus is Gimpel Software’s latest offering providing unparalleled analysis capabilities for C and C++.

Gimpel Software is a privately held company founded in 1984 by Dr. James F. Gimpel for the purpose of providing programming utilities for C programmers. Gimpel Software is best known for its innovations in the static checking of C/C++ source code through its award-winning 'lint' utilities -- PC-lint, FlexeLint and its most recent offering, PC-lint Plus which supports the latest C and C++ language versions.


PC-lint Plus has been certified by exida® for ISO 26262:2018 (ASIL D qualified) and IEC 61508:2010 (SIL 4 qualified).
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Linticator is a plug-in for Eclipse CDT that automatically configures PC-lint Plus with your Eclipse CDT Project settings and displays your Lint messages in the Editor and the Problems View making them easy to spot and correct.  For some messages, it will even provide quick-fixes that let you quickly correct or suppress a warning.

Riverblade's Visual Lint allows you to more effectively run PC-lint Plus from within Microsoft Visual Studio and even provides for automatic background linting of your code. LintProject will enhance your use of PC-lint Plus with Visual C++. LintProject can be run against a Visual C++ project or solution file (.dsp, .vcproj, .sln or .dsw), and will tell Lint which source files to analyse. It will write XML and HTML reports which link to your Lint output and indicate how many warnings were found within each implementation file, project and solution. These reports are automatically refreshed in real time so you can follow the progress of the analysis of your code.

What is a “Gimpel”?

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Gimpel Software is always looking for motivated, talented individuals with extensive knowledge of the C and C++ programming languages to make contributions to PC-lint Plus.

If you are interested in working for a small company in suburban Philadelphia that is on the cutting edge of static analysis, send your resume to "support" at gimpel.com and include "Resume" on the Subject line.

Please send resumes as either plain text or PDF file attachments.