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Gimpel Software is a privately held company founded in 1984 by Dr. James F. Gimpel for the purpose of providing programming utilities for C programmers. Gimpel Software is best known for its innovations in the static checking of C/C++ source code through its award-winning 'lint' utilities -- PC-lint and FlexeLint. 

What is a "Gimpel"??

Gimpel is the German name for the finch Pyrrhula pyrrhula,  commonly called Dompfaff. Both males and females have a black head, beak, wings and tail; a grey back and a white rump. The male has a rose-red lower surface, however, the female is inconspicuously brown.

The Gimpel lives in the forests of Europe and builds its nest in a tree or bush.  It eats the seeds of fleshy fruits and herbs, buds, and shoots and will leave the forest only when it cannot find food. Although its singing is generally monotone, in captivity, the Gimpel has a masterful ability to learn and imitate human music. 


German postage stamp featuring the handsome Gimpel

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