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  • Cleanscape C++Lint
    Cleanscape C++Lint uses the PC-lint static analyzer and provides three user interfaces:
    (a) a graphical user interface with point and click control of PC-lint's analysis with hyperlinks to numerous code editors
    (b) deep integration with Visual Studio, automated by Cleanscape
    (c) the classic command line with return codes for scripts or builds

  • KEIL - Tools by ARM
    The Keil products from ARM include C/C++ compilers, debuggers, integrated environments, RTOS, simulation models, and evaluation boards for ARM, Cortex-M, Cortex-R, 8051, C166, and 251 processor families. Each of the Keil development tools, ARM, C51, C251, and C166, support Gimpel Software's PC-lint. Configuration files are included in the Keil development tools which enable you to quickly and easily begin using PC-lint in your application development and testing.

  • Linticator
    Linticator is a plug-in for Eclipse CDT that automatically configures Lint with your Eclipse CDT Project settings, Linticator displays your Lint messages in the Editor and the Problems View, making them easy to spot and correct. For some messages, it will even provide quick-fixes that let you quickly correct or suppress a warning.

  • Microchip
    [ microchip] Microchip Technology Inc. is a leading provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors. Gimpel Software proudly supports the Microchip brand with PC-lint. PC-lint can be executed from within the MPLAB X IDE. Visit the Microchip Technology web site for more information by clicking here.

  • Riverblade -- Visual Lint
    Visual Lint allows you to more effectively run PC-lint from within Microsoft Visual Studio and even provides for automatic background linting of your code.

  • Riverblade -- LintProject
    LintProject will enhance your use of PC-lint with Visual C++. LintProject can be run against a Visual C++ project or solution file (.dsp, .vcproj, .sln or .dsw), and will tell PC-lint which source files to analyse. It will write XML and HTML reports which link to your PC-lint output and indicate how many warnings were found within each implementation file, project and solution. These reports are automatically refreshed in real time so you can follow the progress of PC-lint's analysis of your code.

Supporting Products and Tutorials

  • Barr Group
    Barr Group offers consulting services to embedded systems development teams, as well as a training course, Firmware Defect Prevention for Safety-Critical Devices which covers using FlexeLint to check for MISRA C compliance. See their calendar for upcoming sessions.

    See also our blog discussion of the Barr Group's "Top 10 Bug-Killing Coding Standard Rules" and our blog discussion of the lawsuit against Toyota at which Michael Barr served as an expert witness for the plaintiff.

  • An Introduction to PC-lint by Ralf Holly
    This excellent slideshow provides an overview of PC-lint, including sample source code and output, an overview of configuration options, a discussion of special features and more.

  • PC-lint Tutorial from Johan Bezem
    "How To Wield PC-lint" is an excellent tutorial for new users, but also contains useful information for the PC-lint pro.

  • Using PC-lint with the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) by Don Burn
    Don has updated his Lint Driver Extensions to work with all versions of the WDK, up to and including Windows 10 and VS2015

  • Warnings Plugin for Jenkins Users
    Jenkins users will want to check out this plug-in which supports PC-lint.

  • FlexeLint: A Modern Static Analyzer for C and C++
    is Rob Gamble's blog commentary on FlexeLint and includes many interesting code samples.

  • Cooperative Limiting of Concurrent Process Instances
    is Rob Gamble's blog commentary on exectimes - his program that uses POSIX advisory locking to prevent more than a specifed number of instances of a program from running at one time.

  • PC-lint Wizard
    is a free and open-source GUI-based tool designed to facilitate setting up and maintaining the PC-lint source code analysis tool for your projects. PC-lint Wizard requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.

  • PC-lint Windows Help File   from Dreamcycle    Now supporting Version 9.0
    Have you ever wished you had a help file of PC-lint messages that you could access from within your IDE?   Check out Scott's web page - it may be just what you're looking for.

  • HLL - Heuristic Lint issue Locator by Ralf Holly. After a PC-lint run, you frequently want to know what exactly a warning is about. In this case, you fire-up msg.txt and search for the error number. With HLL (a Perl script) it's much easier: just pass it the error number (or numbers) and it extracts the corresponding parts from msg.txt and displays them on the console.

  • Lint Metrics & ALOA by Ralf Holly, C/C++ Users Journal, June 2004
    "ALOA (short for A Lint Output Analyzer) is a tool that processes output generated by PC-lint and computes various useful metrics that give a quick overview of the internal quality of any C/C++ project.  Furthermore, it shows which kind of Lint issues are most frequently encountered and highlights issue-laden modules.  The metrics produced by ALOA are useful for tracking a project's lint compliance and for fine-tuning Lint policies."

  • "A Report Generator for PC-lint" by Jon Zyzyck, Dr. Dobb's Journal  February 2003

  • "Automated Defect Identification" by Kevin Smith,   Dr. Dobb's Journal  February 2003

  • All About Lint -- PC-lint and Windows Drivers,   The NT Insider , September-October 2002

PC-lint/FlexeLint Consultants

  • Barr Group
    Barr Group provides process and architecture consulting to software development teams, including the setup and use of static analysis tools to automatically enforce MISRA and other C and C++ coding standard rules.

  • JB Enterprises ( )
    "How To Wield PC-lint" Johan Bezem's excellent tutorial and tips

  • Soft-Lutions in Europe

  • Ralf Holly See "An Introduction to PC-lint", HLL and ALOA above.

  • Okko Willeboordse
    Imtech ICT Technical Systems
    Basicweg 16, 3821 BR Amersfoort, The Netherlands
    T: +31 (0)10 447 76 00
    M: +31 (0) 6 46 17 43 09

  • Rich Mauritz-Miller is an expert in using PC-lint to rapidly increase product quality and to sustain these gains by incorporating PC-lint into effective software build processes. He has applied PC-lint to a number of products at various companies, including GE Healthcare and Raima Corporation, starting in 1991. Hes found that the success factors include the simplicity of how the software is used and the change management processes around it. By focusing on key errors (often up to several thousand serious-to-critical bugs per product), organizations can improve quality aggressively, and then further increase the quality over time. Rich is available on a consulting basis for mentoring, training, and - most importantly - hands-on, collaborative fixing of software defects with existing teams. Email:

If you have information that you think should be added to this page, please email it to "anneliese" at

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