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Version 9.00 Patches and Support Files

Our Final Release Patch Level is 9.00L

PC-lint Patches | FlexeLint Patches
Miscellaneous Files | Compiler Options Files | Library Options Files
Environment Options Files | Author Options Files

PC-lint Patches

To determine your current patch level invoke the PC-lint program with no arguments, as in:
          lint-nt -v
You will get a banner line that looks something like:

  PC-lint for C/C++ (NT) Ver. 9.00a, Copyright Gimpel Software 1985-2008

From this you deduce that the patch level is 'a' as this is the letter following "9.00". To update to, say, level 'c' you would download the following files
With these three files in your lint directory, you would issue the commands:
          lpatch l9-a-b.lp
          lpatch l9-b-c.lp   
NOTE: We are discontinuing support for patch.exe - please use lpatch.exe below.

You may run lpatch from a DOS prompt with no arguments to get usage information.

PC-lint patches will update only lint-nt.exe (the Windows executable).  They will not affect your configuration files.    The latest configuration files can be downloaded from below.

lpatch.exe ( 60,456 - lpatch.exe for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows)
l9-a-b.lp (355,166 - Patch 9.00a to 9.00b - 12/18/08 l9-b-c.lp (393,551 - Patch 9.00b to 9.00c - 6/15/09) l9-c-d.lp (375,280 - Patch 9.00c to 9.00d - 12/7/09) l9-d-e.lp (552,635 - Patch 9.00d to 9.00e - 7/20/10) l9-e-f.lp (522,475 - Patch 9.00e to 9.00f - 9/28/10) l9-f-g.lp (531,516 - Patch 9.00f to 9.00g - 6/3/11) l9-g-h.lp (503,999 - Patch 9.00g to 9.00h - 7/26/11) l9-h-i.lp (529,440 - Patch 9.00h to 9.00i - 1/4/12) l9-i-j.lp (547,587 - Patch 9.00i to 9.00j - 1/2/13) l9-j-k.lp (449,885 - Patch 9.00j to 9.00k - 9/20/13 l9-k-L.lp (551,315 - Patch 9.00k to 9.00L - 10/16/14)

FlexeLint Patches

To determine your current patch level invoke the FlexeLint program with no arguments. 

The file fpatch.c is used to apply the patches to the FlexeLint source modules.  Compilation and usage instructions are contained within fpatch.c 

To get fpatch.c send an email to "sales"  at and please include your FlexeLint serial number and contact information (name, company, address, phone).  If we have your registration information and a signed license agreement on file, we will email you fpatch.c

f9-a-b.fp   (477,277 - Patch 9.00a to 9.00b - 12/18/08)
f9-b-c.fp   (715,414 - Patch 9.00b to 9.00c - 6/15/09)
f9-c-d.fp   (545,722 - Patch 9.00c to 9.00d - 12/7/09)
f9-d-e.fp (1,671,761 - Patch 9.00d to 9.00e - 7/20/10)
f9-e-f.fp   (325,914 - Patch 9.00e to 9.00f - 9/28/10)
f9-f-g.fp   (923,103 - Patch 9.00f to 9.00g - 6/3/11)
f9-g-h.fp   (374,112 - Patch 9.00g to 9.00h - 7/26/11)
f9-h-i.fp   (603,873 - Patch 9.00h to 9.00i - 1/4/12)
f9-i-j.fp   (714,786 - Patch 9.00i to 9.00j - 1/2/13)
f9-j-k.fp   (637,742 - Patch 9.00j to 9.00k - 9/20/13)
f9-k-L.fp (3,503,821 - Patch 9.00k to 9.00L - 10/13/14)

Miscellaneous files

msg.txt         (ASCII File of Error Messages - 10/13/14)  [ updated ]    (Zip file of Error Messages in JSON format - 10/13/14)  [ updated ] 
bugfix90.txt    (Summary of bug fixes for 9.00a - 9.00L  [ updated ]
read90.txt      (Version 9.00L readme file)  [ updated ]        (ANSI C headers)       (POSIX C headers)
where_is_stdio_h.c  (to locate compiler headers)
exectimes           (Rob Gamble's license management program that uses POSIX)

Compiler Options files (compiler configuration)

Please Note:  These files contain the option -wlib(1) which sets the warning level of library headers to 1 -- syntax checking only.  If you want to check your library files, eliminate this option.

co.lnt          (Generic C/C++ compiler)
co-arch.lnt     (Archimedes C)
co-ARMCC-5.lnt  (ARM C/C++ 5 - 6/25/13)
co-uVision-4-ARMCC-5.lnt (ARM C/C++ 5 with uVision- 7/12/13)
co-aztec.lnt    (Aztec C)
co-tc.lnt       (Borland Turbo C)
co-tcwin.lnt    (Borland Turbo C for Windows)
co-bc.lnt       (Borland 3.1 and earlier)
co-bc4.lnt      (Borland 4.0)
co-bc4wi.lnt    (Borland 4.0 for Windows)
co-bc5.lnt      (Borland 5.0)
co-cb.lnt       (Borland C++ Builder)
co-bc5.h        (Borland 5.0 header - 1/18/13)
co-bcos2.lnt    (Borland 4.0 for OS/2)
co-bcwin.lnt    (Borland 3.10 and earlier for Windows)
co-bs166.lnt    (BSO Tasking C166)
co-byte.lnt     (Bytecraft c6805)
co-byte.h       (Bytecraft header)
co-cc86.lnt     (CadUL CC-86)
co-cc386.lnt    (CadUL CC-386)
co-c86.lnt      (Computer Innovations C86 C)
co-c86p.lnt     (Computer Innovations C86 Plus)
co-cosm.lnt     (Cosmic C)
co-cosm.h       (Cosmic C header - 1/18/13)
co-dl.lnt       (Datalight C)
co-desm.lnt     (Desmet C)
co-diab.lnt     (Diab Data C)
co-ec.lnt       (Eco-C88)
co-frank.lnt    (Franklin 8051 C)
gcc-readme.txt  (GCC C/C++ - 9/18/13)  [ updated ]
co-gcc.lnt      (GCC C/C++ - 6/12/14)   [ updated ]
co-gcc.h        (GCC C/C++ header)  [ updated ]
co-gcc.mak      (GCC C/C++ Make file - 7/15/13)
co-gnu.lnt      (GNU C/C++)
co-gnu3.lnt     (GNU C/C++ 2.95.3 and later)
co-hc.lnt       (Metaware High C/C++)
co-hp.lnt       (Hewlett Packard C/C++)
co-hpacc.lnt    (Hewlett Packard aCC)
co-ht.lnt       (Hi-Tech C)
IAR files       (IAR Configuration files for ARM, 8051, AVR, MSP430,
                 78K, RX & Generic produced by Phaedrus Systems - 2/28/13)
co-iar.lnt      (IAR C)
co-iar78.lnt    (IAR 78 C)
co-iar80.lnt    (IAR 80 C)
co-ibm32.lnt    (IBM C/C++ Set 2 for OS/2 - 32 bit)
co-ibmc2.lnt    (IBM C Set 2 - 16 bit)
co-vage.lnt     (IBM VisualAge for OS/2 - 32 bit)
co-vage.h       (IBM VisualAge header)
co-in.lnt       (Intel iC-86 and iC-286)
co-in386.lnt    (Intel iC-386)
co-in96.lnt     (Intel iC-96 (8196 and 8198))
co-icb.lnt      (Intel Code Builder)
co-kc51.lnt     (Keil C51 - 1/3/12)
co-kc251.lnt    (Keil C251)
co-kc166.lnt    (Keil C166)
co-kc166xc.lnt  (Keil C166 for XC16x devices - 6/13/2013)
co-kcarm.lnt    (Keil CARM)
co-lc2.lnt      (Lattice 2.x C)
co-lc3.lnt      (Lattice 3.0 C)
co-lc33.lnt     (Lattice 3.3 C)
co-lc6.lnt      (Lattice 6.0 C)
co-mwwin32.lnt  (Metrowerks CodeWarrior Win32)
co-mwppc.lnt    (Metrowerks CodeWarrior EPPC)
co-mwe_base.lnt (Metrowerks CodeWarrior MWE (basis file))
co-mwhc08.lnt   (Metrowerks CodeWarrior HC08)
co-mwhc11.lnt   (Metrowerks CodeWarrior HC11)
co-mwhc12.lnt   (Metrowerks CodeWarrior HC12)
co-mwhc16.lnt   (Metrowerks CodeWarrior HC16)
co-msc.lnt      (Microsoft 8.0 and earlier)
co-mswin.lnt    (Microsoft 8.0 and earlier for Windows)
co-msc20.lnt    (Microsoft 9.x)
co-msc40.lnt    (Microsoft 10.x)
co-msc50.lnt    (Microsoft 11.x)
co-msc60.lnt    (Microsoft 12.x - 11/2/09)
co-msc70.lnt    (Microsoft 13.0 (.NET) - 3/16/11)
co-msc71.lnt    (Microsoft 13.1 (.NET) - 3/16/11)
co-msc80.lnt    (Microsoft 14.0 (.NET) - 3/16/11)
co-msc80.h      (Microsoft 14.0 header)
co-msc90.lnt    (Microsoft 15.0 - 3/16/11)
co-msc90.h      (Microsoft 15.0 header)
co-msc100.lnt   (Microsoft 16.0 - 9/19/13)  [ updated ]
co-msc100.h     (Microsoft 16.0 header)  [ updated ]
co-msc110.lnt   (Microsoft 17.0 - 2/17/14)  [ updated ]
co-msc110.h     (Microsoft 17.0 header)  [ updated ]
macros-msc.c    (Microsoft C automatic macro generator - 9/19/13)  [ new ]
macros-msc.cpp  (Microsoft C/C++ automatic macro generator - 9/19/13) [ new ]
co-mc86.lnt     (Microtec 86)
co-mc386.lnt    (Microtec 386)
co-mc.h         (Microtec header for asm)
co-mwc.lnt      (Mark Williams)
co-pic18.lnt    (Microchip MPLAB C18 C Compiler)
co-pic30.lnt    (Microchip MPLAB C30 C Compiler - 6/29/10)
co-pic32.lnt    (Microchip MPLAB C32 C Compiler)
co-cci.lnt      (Microchip MPLAB Common C Interface for XC C Compilers - 7/22/15) [ updated ]
co-xc8.lnt      (Microchip MPLAB XC8 C Compiler - 7/22/15) [ updated ]
co-xc16.lnt     (Microchip MPLAB XC16 C Compiler - 7/22/15) [ updated ]
co-xc32.lnt     (Microchip MPLAB XC32 C Compiler - 7/22/15) [ updated ]
co-powrc.lnt    (Power C, version 1.1, 2.0)
co-qc88.lnt     (Code Works QC88)  (Raisonance for ARM - 3/30/2011)   (Raisonance for 8051 - 3/30/2011) (Raisonance for STM8 - 3/30/2011)
co-sc7.lnt      (Symantec 7.0)
co-sc.lnt       (Symantec prior to 7.0)
co-sun.lnt      (Sun C/C++)
co-sun5.lnt     (Sun Forte C++ 5.0)
co-sun6.lnt     (Sun Forte C++ 6.0)
co-ti320.lnt    (Texas Instruments TI320)
co-tiger.lnt    (ADI TigerSharc)
co-tor.lnt      (VxWorks Tornado)
co-tsc.lnt      (TopSpeed C)
co-unix.lnt     (Unix)
co-wc16.lnt     (Watcom 16-bit)
co-wc32.lnt     (Watcom 32-bit)
co-wcos2.lnt    (Watcom OS/2)
co-wh.lnt       (Whitesmith C)
co-ztc.lnt      (Zortech C/C++)

LIB-rary options files (library configuration)

lib-atl.lnt    (Active Template Library - 8/17/09)
lib-boost-emergency.lnt  (Boost Library - 9/26/2014)  [ new ]
lib-bcl.lnt    (Borland 4.0 and earlier Class Lib)
lib-bcl5.lnt   (Borland 5.0 Class Lib)
lib-owl.lnt    (Borland 4.0 and earlier Object Windows Library)
lib-owl5.lnt   (Borland 5.0 Object Windows Library)
lib-bcl.h      (Borland header)
lib-tv.lnt     (Borland Turbo-Vision Library)
lib-corb.lnt   (CORBA Library)
lib-gtk.lnt    (GTK Library)
lib-in.h       (Intel header)
lib-win.lnt    (Microsoft windows.h)
lib-w32.lnt    (Microsoft 32-bit windows.h)
lib-wnt.lnt    (Microsoft Windows NT)
lib-mfc.lnt    (Microsoft Foundation Class Library)
lib-ole.lnt    (Microsoft OLE Library)
lib-nstd.lnt   (namespace std Library)
lib-oinv.lnt   (Open Inventor Library)
lib-rw.lnt     (Rogue Wave's Tools.h++)
lib-rw.h       (Rogue Wave's Tools.h++ header)
lib-stingray-grid.lnt    (Rogue Wave's Stingray Grid)
lib-stingray-toolkit.lnt (Rogue Wave's Stingray Toolkit)
lib-stl.lnt    (Standard Template Library - 11/17/08)
lib-vxw.lnt    (VXWorks Library)
lib-zapp.lnt   (Inmarks zApp Library)
lib-zinc.lnt   (Zinc Interface Library)

ENV-ironment options files (editor/IDE configuration)

env-tide.lnt   (Turbo/Borland IDE under DOS)
env-bwin.lnt   (Borland 4.0 IDE under Windows)
env-bc5.lnt    (Borland 5.0 IDE under Windows)
env-cb.lnt     (Borland C++ Builder)
env-keil.lnt   (Keil MicroVision IDE)
env-vc2.lnt    (Microsoft Visual C++ 2.x IDE)
env-vc4.lnt    (Microsoft Visual C++ 4.x IDE)
env-vc5.lnt    (Microsoft Visual C++ 5.x IDE)
env-vc6.lnt    (Microsoft Visual C++ 6.x IDE)
env-vc7.lnt    (Microsoft Visual C++ 7.x IDE (.NET))
env-vc8.lnt    (Microsoft Visual C++ 8.x IDE (.NET))
env-vc9.lnt    (Microsoft Visual C++ 9.x IDE (.NET))
env-vc10.lnt   (Microsoft Visual C++ 10.x IDE (.NET) - 1/3/13)
env-cw.lnt     (Codewright Editor)
env-cw6.lnt    (Codewright 6.0 Editor)
env-cw7.lnt    (Codewright 7.0 Editor)
env-mw.lnt     (Metrowerks CodeWarrior)
env-ecl-console.lnt   (Eclipse)
env-html.lnt   (HTML format)
env-html.js    (JavaScript used by env-html.lnt)
env-mew.lnt    (MultiEdit Editor)
env-om.lnt     (Object Master)
env-posix.lnt  (Posix - 6/12/2014)  [ new ]  (Raisonance Ride 7 plugin - 3/30/2011)
env-Ride7.txt  (Raisonance Ride 7 notes - 3/30/2011)
env-sled.lnt   (Visual Slick Edit)
env-sl3.lnt    (Visual Slick Edit 3.00)
env-und.lnt    (Scientific Toolworks Understand C++)
env-si.lnt     (Source Insight Editor - 5/25/11)
env-vim.lnt    (VIM Configuration)
env-xml.lnt    (XML Configuration)

AU-thor options files (author recommended)

au-barr10.lnt    (Barr Group's Top 10 Bug-Killing Rules - 6/13/14)
au-ds.lnt        (Dan Saks)
au-sm12.lnt      (Scott Meyers C++ books 1992, 1996)
au-sm3.lnt       (Scott Meyers C++ book - 2005)
au-sm123.lnt     (Scott Meyers C++ books - 1992, 1996, 2005)
au-misra.lnt     (points to the latest MISRA C (TM) - 9/11/13)
au-misra1.lnt    (MISRA C 1998 (TM) - 6/12/12)
au-misra2.lnt    (MISRA C 2004 (TM) - 6/13/14)
au-misra3.lnt    (MISRA C 2012 (TM) - 6/7/18) [ updated ] (removed troublesome -strong/-specific options)
au-misra-cpp.lnt (MISRA C++ 2008 (TM) - 6/12/14)
au-misra-cpp-alt.lnt (MISRA C++ 2008 using 9000 level messages - 6/12/14)
au-netrino.lnt   (Netrino Embedded C Coding Standard - 9/6/11)
au-64.lnt        (Porting from 32-bit to 64-bit - 6/12/09)
au-llp64.lnt     (Porting from 32-bit to LLP64 model - 6/12/09)
au-lp64.lnt      (Porting from 32-bit to LP64 model - 6/12/09)
au-ilp64.lnt     (Porting from 32-bit to ILP64 bit model - 6/12/09)

"MISRA" and "MISRA C" and "MISRA C++" are registered trademarks of MIRA Ltd, held on behalf of the MISRA Consortium.

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