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PC-lint Plus Support for MISRA

The Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA) is an organization that produces and maintains C and C++ programming guidelines. The primary purpose of these guidelines is to codify a set of recommendations related to software development that aids in the creation of "safe and reliable software". While MISRA is an effort born out of the automotive industry, MISRA’s success has grown and the guidelines have been adopted to meet needs in other safety-critical industries such as healthcare and aerospace.

PC-lint Plus provides support for the MISRA C2, MISRA C3 and AMD-1, and MISRA C++ guidelines. This support is achieved through a combination of standard PC-lint Plus messages and elective notes dedicated to specific MISRA rules. Gimpel Software provides the author configuration files au-misra2.lnt, au-misra3.lnt, au-misra3-amd1.lnt, and au-misra-cpp.lnt to enable the checks necessary to support these guidelines. These author files include -append options, which cause messages that are used to report on MISRA violations to be annotated with the corresponding Rule or Directive number(s).

For an in-depth look at support for a particular MISRA standard, see:

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